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Our Courtsdesk Ireland service is the leading supplier of litigation search, tracking and analytics to the legal, news and corporate sectors, with clients including most of the top 15 law firms, almost all national newspapers, large corporates, state companies audit and insolvency firms.

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What we do

Courtsdesk is the news and legal intelligence platform built to bring coverage and structure to the many disparate sources of UK and Irish legal data. By centralising data and providing tools for easy search and analytics, Courtsdesk supports users in their research, monitoring, KYC, and AML functions. Our users benefit from access to data from the UK and Irish Upper and Lower Courts.

Why choose Courtsdesk Ireland?


  • Discover fresh leads from our live newsfeed and Daily Brief email, which would otherwise go unreported.
  • Perform deep-dive background research on parties to cases, law firms or other aspects of your stories.
  • Collaborate with our Consulting service on bespoke investigative reports.


  • Access fast and powerful search features that discover the relevant results, even in noisy data.
  • Cross–reference multiple data sources for comprehensive insight.
  • Save your searches and export results, as spreadsheets or time-stamped case reports, for offline sharing, analysis and reporting.


  • Track cases for the updates that matter to you, and receive in-app notifications and daily email summaries.
  • Save any search and receive notifications when any new case matches your criteria.
  • For large portfolios and corporate due diligence reporting, leverage our bulk monitoring tools.

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