Courts Data Solutions

is a data business.

Emerging from the Legal Tech space, CDS digitises public court records from multiple jurisdictions and transforms the data to offer a unique criminal and civil dataset with many different applications.

Initially providing the News & Media sector with an efficient method through which to monitor court proceedings, provide up to date court outcomes to report locally, or nationwide as well as advanced functionality to monitor persons of interest.


Now extending our data services through a database of criminal records for use in the fight to prevent fraud and money laundering as well as for enhanced background checks.


We currently operate across multiple jurisdictions, The Republic of Ireland, England and Wales, and working with other jurisdictions to modernise and digitise Court Data, Reporting, and Analysis.

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Courts Data Sectors

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News & Media

Leverage digital court data for groundbreaking journalism, and in-depth reporting.

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Legal Services

Access digital court data for unmatched insight, and efficiency.

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Digital courts data at your fingertips, filtered to deliver focused, useful, and usable results.

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Emergency Services

Unlock the power of digital court data for enhanced safety, and efficiency.

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Financial Services

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HR & Recruitment

Enhance your hiring process with comprehensive insights from digital courts data.

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Public data

for public good