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Leverage digital court data for groundbreaking journalism and in-depth reporting.

The biggest media organisations in Britain and Ireland use our solutions to ensure they are ahead of the game and never miss a case of interest.

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Courtsdesk UK is ‘a gamechanger’

News solutions are in our DNA – since inception our newsfeeds and search services have been designed to ensure up-to-the minute information is available to newsrooms wherever we operate.

In the UK, our media clients report a 300% increase in the number of court reports they publish after adoption of our platforms. The number of journalists attending court to report in person increased by 180% after the platform was adopted.

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Courtsdesk for publishers

We focus on supplying immediate information, and our solutions focus on protagonists, not precedent. We can tell you a new court case has been filed before the people involved in it know themselves. 


Court case data is the most valuable type of content to publishers in terms of advertising-driven digital revenue, generating 2.3 times that of other stories on average. Courts stories are also the biggest driver of subscriber engagement in regional newspapers.


Put simply, it is engaging content – good for social platforms and customer acquisition, and for subscriber engagement and repeat visits.


Our mission is to provide news organisations a new way to generate revenue by accessing case information, at high volume and in real time, at a fraction of the traditional cost of finding it.

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Courtsdesk Ireland


The leading legal intelligence solution for multiple tiers of the Irish Courts

Courtsdesk UK


The only portal to access criminal data in England and Wales, used by every large news organisation in the UK

Courts Data Sectors

News & Media

Leverage our digital courts data solutions to deliver groundbreaking journalism, and in-depth reporting.

Legal Services

Save time and improve business development with purpose-built SaaS solutions for law firms and in-house counsel.

Public Sector

Improve public services via improved insights and intelligence; reduce fraud and manage high-volume litigation efficiently


Access the legal data service used by the Association of British Investigators and others – fast, reliable and authoritative.


Enhance your ability to derive improved outcomes in claims, underwriting and investigations.


Reduce risk around insolvency cases; improve compliance and reduce insurance risk related to corporate and personal insolvency litigation.

Emergency Services

Unlock the power of digital court data for enhanced safety checks, investigations and efficiencies.

Financial Services

Reduce fraud and improve AML, KYB and KYC outcomes with high-volume litigation data designed for business use.

HR & Recruitment

Add legal insights to your process around enhanced diligence for critical hires and compliance.

Public data

for public good