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Open justice is the backbone of any democracy, but in recent years it had become harder than ever for journalists to monitor what was happening in courts around the UK. Then along came Courtsdesk, which not only gave us access to vital information but the ability to be able to search and research in sophisticated ways. It has quickly become an indispensable tool for a newsroom.


James Coney

News Projects Editor at The Sunday Times

Courtsdesk News has become indispensable to the newsroom. It makes the huge amounts of information from the criminal courts accessible in a useful way for the first time. Reporters can not only find out what’s going on in Magistrates Courts all across the country and do advanced search for very specific things, but they can also set up tracking to receive alerts for cases which they know will be important to cover. It’s a gamechanger for criminal court reporting.


Alex Goss

Head of News, The Sun

Courtsdesk News has become an essential service that has changed and improved how we report on the courts. We have adopted it across all of our newsrooms across the UK. Feedback from editors has been clear. There has been excellent uptake from reporters, with stories produced that would have been nigh-on impossible without this tool.


The number of court cases we are covering since adopting the platform has increased, from a few hundred in a month to over 1,000 in just a few months since we rolled it out. And the ability to access case information has improved in important ways, for example the ability to discover significant cases ahead of time so that we can ensure a reporter can be sent to cover them in court.


Other features of the platform, such as how journalists can easily see where reporting restrictions are made, have also reduced some of the risks involved in handling sensitive case information.


Toby Granville

Editorial Director at Newsquest

It is fast and much more intuitive than other products. It has interesting and useful features, such as ability to cross reference companies, shareholders and litigants. For busy lawyers working on multiple cases, Courtsdesk provides a clear saving of time and resources.


A & L Goodbody

Courtsdesk has proved to be an essential tool for navigating an unwieldy system. It has helped our journalists to identify key cases that may otherwise have gone unreported and track them through the courts to their conclusion. The daily email listing fresh cases is now part of many of our journalists’ daily reading.


Colin Coyle

News Editor, The Sunday Times

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