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Empower financial decisions
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Legal data is the missing component in almost all risk checks. Courts Data Solutions designs services tailored for financial services use-cases.

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Key Benefits

Legal Scorecards:

Analysis and monitoring of large volumes of court case data, focused on protagonists in proceedings

Improve your due-diligence:

Access instant checks for your risk exposures with monitoring and background checks for companies and parties

KYC and AML:

Include relevant legal risk in your onboarding and risk assessment with timely, accurate data from the justice system

Use Cases

KYC, KYB and AML – Risk Reporting

  • We specialise in bespoke reporting on legal risk for financial institutions 
  • Access previously unavailable legal data relevant to you or your clients
  • Ingest reports in formats designed for inclusion in your business processes
  • Report and monitor for risk – never miss a legal action of relevance to your portfolio or client base

Loan book litigation diligence

  • Reporting on any non-performing or active loan portfolio for litigation on borrowers
  • Search, report and source documentation on debt or possession orders pertaining to borrowers or credit exposures
  • Centralised, standardised data on your litigation – for example a single report with data on a panel of law firms you have outsourced your case management to
  • Improve your compliance reporting with accurate data on proceedings relevant to any deal

Courts Data Sectors

News & Media

Leverage our digital courts data solutions to deliver groundbreaking journalism, and in-depth reporting.

Legal Services

Save time and improve business development with purpose-built SaaS solutions for law firms and in-house counsel.

Public Sector

Improve public services via improved insights and intelligence; reduce fraud and manage high-volume litigation efficiently


Access the legal data service used by the Association of British Investigators and others – fast, reliable and authoritative.


Enhance your ability to derive improved outcomes in claims, underwriting and investigations.


Reduce risk around insolvency cases; improve compliance and reduce insurance risk related to corporate and personal insolvency litigation.

Emergency Services

Unlock the power of digital court data for enhanced safety checks, investigations and efficiencies.

Financial Services

Reduce fraud and improve AML, KYB and KYC outcomes with high-volume litigation data designed for business use.

HR & Recruitment

Add legal insights to your process around enhanced diligence for critical hires and compliance.

Public data

for public good