Courtsdesk Launches Digital Court Data Service in Ireland

Courtsdesk unveils groundbreaking digital court data service in Ireland and announces first client

Dublin, Ireland – In a landmark move set to revolutionise the landscape of legal reporting and public access to judicial information, Courtsdesk has officially launched its innovative digital court data service in Ireland along with its first large client, top-5 law firm McCann FitzGerald. 

Courtsdesk’s new service is an online data portal offering search, tracking and analysis of more than 593,000 Irish court cases. It caters to journalists, legal professionals, researchers, and the general public, offering an unprecedented level of access to digitised court data, including case filings, judgments, and hearing schedules across various Irish courts. The platform’s intuitive interface and advanced search functionalities allow users to efficiently navigate through large amounts of legal information, ensuring that critical legal data is more accessible than ever before.


McCann FitzGerald has become the first legal practice to sign up to the service. 

Sean Barton, the firm’s head of dispute resolution and litigation, said: “Clients today expect more from their suppliers. At McCann FitzGerald, we are committed to investing in technology-based, innovative and cost-effective solutions that offer our clients a premium service and allow us to find ways of delivering more for less.


“Courtsdesk is an innovative tool that allows us to achieve best practice in assessing, tracking and managing litigation on behalf of our clients. As a law firm on the cutting edge of legal services delivery, the addition of Courtsdesk is an important offering for our clients.”

Courtsdesk co-founder and CEO Enda Leahy said: “McCann FitzGerald has been fantastic to deal with from day one. It was the first firm to sign up for a commercial trial, and we are delighted that it has now become the first of the top Irish firms to become a client.


“We are trying to solve case management and research problems that legal and corporate organisations have had for years – for example the ability to automatically cross-reference the Companies Registration Office with the courts.


“Most importantly from an Irish perspective, Courtsdesk has opened up the Circuit Court for the first time – a hugely important set of records for Irish society which has never been searchable before. Courtsdesk offers the first search, archive and case tracking system, with almost a year of cases already available.


“We think this is an important tool for every solicitor and corporate researcher in the country. And obviously for news journalists it’s already become a hugely important tool – we can see stories every week which they spotted or researched on Courtsdesk.


 “Our mission with Courtsdesk has always been to demystify the legal system and bring transparency to the forefront of legal reporting and public engagement. Improving access to digital court records is not just supporting the media and legal sectors, it’s of importance to all business sectors and indeed to society as a whole.” 


The introduction of Courtsdesk’s digital court data service comes at a crucial time when the demand for transparency and accessibility in the legal system is at an all-time high. The platform addresses these needs by breaking down traditional barriers to legal information, fostering a more informed and engaged public discourse around legal matters.


Journalists, in particular, stand to benefit significantly from this service. The ability to access real-time court data facilitates more accurate, in-depth, and timely reporting on legal issues, court cases, and judicial decisions. This enhanced access to information is expected to elevate the quality of legal journalism in Ireland, providing the media with the resources needed to deliver insightful legal analysis and coverage.


Legal professionals and researchers will also find value in Courtsdesk’s comprehensive database, which can serve as a vital tool for legal research, case preparation, and staying abreast of developments within the judicial system. The platform’s efficiency and ease of use are poised to streamline legal workflows, saving time and resources.


As Courtsdesk’s digital court data service rolls out across Ireland, its impact on the legal, media, and public sectors will be closely watched. The initiative represents a significant leap forward in the digital transformation of the Irish legal system, setting a new standard for access to justice and legal information in the digital age.

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