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Unlock the power of digital court data for enhanced safety and efficiency in Policing, and the Emergency Services. The CDS CourtsForesight solution is built specifically for the emergency services. Enhancing intelligence on persons and entities of interest.

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Key Benefits

Intelligence led policing and emergency response giving insights into persons of interest

Enabling thorough investigations by collating all aspects of a subjects courts related involvement across the Civil and Criminal justice systems

Early intelligence with an additive dataset for insight into all entities of interest and linkages

Foresight into prosecutions by ALL prosecuting bodies

Saving time and reducing paper chasing and pushing

Courts lists are made available in digital format as they are released by the courts. Judgement summaries extract the key, relevant information reducing burden of ingesting complex judgement reports.

Courts Data Sectors

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News & Media

Leverage digital court data for groundbreaking journalism, and in-depth reporting.

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Legal Services

Access digital court data for unmatched insight, and efficiency.

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Digital courts data at your fingertips, filtered to deliver focused, useful, and usable results.

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Emergency Services

Unlock the power of digital court data for enhanced safety, and efficiency.

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Financial Services

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HR & Recruitment

Enhance your hiring process with comprehensive insights from digital courts data.

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